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Nutmeat is a meat substitute used by vegetarians around the 1900's and was popular until ??. Nutmeat is a product that appears in cookbooks around ??. Kellogg produced nutmeat products commercially under different names. Nutmeat is made from beans, nutter (nut butter), vegetable flavoring, seasoning. The type of bean and nut can vary depending on the end product desired. The vegetable can range from onions to tomatoes and it can be flavored in any way desired. Sometimes wheat gluten is used instead of beans. The product is blended and poured into a can where it is steamed until firm. The product is then removed and sliced and cooked according to the recipe. Regardless of what you do the end product is highly caloric.

Nutmeat also seems to be the name of products that are smilar to peanut butter or almond butter today from litertature such as this:
Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of California...‎ - Page 97. Nutmeat here is made of almond poweder, water, cand sugar, and cornstartch. The term may have been used interchangably with nutter (nut butter).

I find nutmeat fascinating and plan to make some when I find a recipe in an older cookbook or I will prepare it from one of the recipes listed below. My husband told me absolutely not to make this stuff.

recipe for nutmeat:

Video Preparation of Nutmeat

Companies that sell canned nutmeat

Recipes using nutmeat

Contemporarty recipes using nutmeat

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